June 1, 2010

Where there's smoke....

Well, we had just about the most perfect weather possible for Memorial Weekend in these parts. The strangest thing though - while listening to NOAA weather, heard the forecast for smoke. Smoke?! Must be a typo. Peeked out the hatch and in fact there was smoke outside that reduced visibility to about 3 miles in Boston Harbor. What the heck? Turns out that the smoke was from fires in Quebec and the winds brought them down all over New England. We had less or more smoke throughout the next couple of days depending on wind direction. Was quite spooky.

Another page from my Vegas journal - love these ads - they are so dang creative. Though cannot tell you who does them - a phone company I think.

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kreativekandy said...

Wow, I love this. The text regarding water spill goes right to the cool colors.