June 30, 2010

Recent Reads

1. The Titan's Curse
Book 3 in the Percy Jackson series continues the story of the demigods who fight monsters. Fun YA book. Have had fun discussions with my nieces about this series.

2. The Wives of Henry Oades
Enjoyed this book. An interesting story. What would happen if your spouse and kids were presumed dead. You then remarry and the original family show up at your doorstep? The complexity of the situation is fascinating.

3. 200 Projects to Strengthen Your Art Skills
Chock full of ideas to play.

4. The Battle of the Labyrinth
Book 4 in the Percy Jackson series. The drama continues, with new monsters added each book. Actually had bad dreams from this one!

5. Off The Tourist Trail
Fantastic arm chair travels with this book. Loved it. So many places to yet explore, though I have been to quite a few of the ones listed. Reading this book gave me the travel itch. Gotta scratch.

6. The Last Olympian
The 5th and final book in the Percy Jackson series. Action packed. Finished this book while my nieces were heading home, so will have to call them to discuss the plot. It is so much fun to see what kids are into reading these days. The books I read at that age - 6/7 were quite tame in comparison - not as much violence. Anyone else remember Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and the Fab Five?

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