March 19, 2010

Reading with kids

1. Tonight on the Titanic
In Magic Tree House (MTH) book # 17, Jack and Annie are aboard the Titanic shortly before she sinks - at 2:20. Luke's fave part was when the tree house disappeared - would Jack and Annie survive? Quite scary.

2. Buffalo Before Breakfast
In MTH # 18, Jack and Annie visit with the Lakota in the time when huge herds of bison roamed the plains. I love the book's conservationist theme.

3. Tigers at Twilight
In MTH # 19, Jack and Annie visit the jungles of India, meet a hermit and help a tiger. Luke has the fierce outrage of a child as he learns about how people killed so many animals to near extinction.

4. Froggy Rides a Bike
Read this book to Jonah. He liked the story - he too can ride a bike without training wheels.

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