March 5, 2010

Reading with kids

1. Polar Bears Past Bedtime
Luke and I continue to read through the Magic Tree House (MTH) series. In book #12, Jack and Annie end up in the Arctic and learn cool things about polar bears.

2. Vacation Under the Volcano
MTH #13 finds Jack and Annie in the town of Pompeii, right before the volcano erupts. They get there just in time to rescue a story written on a scroll and Hercules comes to their rescue when things look really dire.

3. Day of the Dragon King
MTH #14 finds Jack and Annie in ancient China saving a story written on bamboo. They learn about the Great Wall and terracotta soldiers.

4. Viking Ships at Sunrise
MTH# 15 finds Jack and Annie in old Ireland in the time of the Vikings. They rescue an illustrated manuscript just in time, and are helped by a giant sea serpent.

5. Hour of the Olympics
MTH #16 finds Jack and Annie in ancient Greece at the time of the first Olympic games. They learn that girls and women are not allowed to go to school or even attend the games. They meet Plato who takes them to find the scroll they need to save - a story written by a woman under the name anonymous. Pegasus comes to their rescue when they get in trouble.

6. The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners
Read this with Jonah. The story stresses the importance of good manners.

7. Tae Kwon Do!
Jonah read this book with a little help. I look for books with stories he might be interested in. He is currently taking Tae Kwon Do, so we had a good discussion about how the kids in this book do some different things than he does in his classes.

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