July 17, 2017

Recent Reads

73. The Liszts
This children's picture book is about a family that makes lists. Everyone, including the cat, makes lists particular to their own interests. One day a stranger who is not on anyone's lists appears. Who is he and what does he want?

I really like the art and color palatte in this one, and the story is cute, but there are unresolved questions in my mind. Why were Sundays listless and who is that stranger? I did like the connection the stranger made with Edward, the middle child. If you are part of the "listers gotta list" part of the population, you'll appreciate the gentle humor in this one. Rating: 3 stars.

74. Ethel and Ernest
This graphic memoir/ biography is about the author's parents from the time they met in the 1920s until their deaths in the 1970s. Ethel worked as a chambermaid, Ernest a milkman, and this is the story of their life together during the large and small political and social changes of their day in Britain.

I loved the art and colors in this one, and was delighted by the clear affection the author has for his parents. It was fun to read about the couple's dynamics, and this is a wonderful tribute to them.

The reason this does not get a higher rating is that this is a very specific story about a certain, albeit lovely, couple, and I'm not sure why anyone not family would really care about them. I gather that the author is a much loved children's author, so maybe if this would work better for fans of his work. I know that this is a perpetual issue I have with these types of books, and I didn't know the premise when I picked it up. Still, it's a fast read, and the art is lovely. Rating: 3 stars.

75. Boat of Dreams
This wordless picture book would work equally well for both children and adults. The art is stunning, and I could look at each page for hours. Since it's wordless there are many possible interpretations of the story. There's an old man and a young boy. Are they the same person in different time? Did one imagine, create, or dream up the other? Could the man be re-discovering memories he had forgotten? What is the relationship between art and isolation and distance? Try it and see what story plays in your head. Rating: 4 stars

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