January 16, 2015

CY365 | Plan for success

This is the first time I am attempting the CY365 project, and as with any new project or endeavor, I first go to my journal and plan it out. What are my goals? What will make success likely? How do I define success? What is my process?

After thinking about my objectives and doing some research, here is my plan for success:
  1. My primary camera will be my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4). I might use my Canon dSLR some days, but in order to make capturing photos and uploading as easy as possible, with the least amount of steps, my phone will be my go to device.
  2. I decided to upload my daily photos to both my Instagram and Flickr accounts. They are both easy and fun to use, and have a built in community. Weekly updates will be posted to my blog.
  3. I decided to use a square format for my photos. Which photo format I would use took the longest time to decide. I want my photos to all have a standard format, and since I was using Instagram, opted to go with the default square one. Yes, I could post regular format photos, but that would involve using another app, hence an additional step, and I was trying to eliminate steps. I have not regularly shot in a square format before, and the design implications are new to me. 
  4. I was going to focus on progress not perfection. One day at a time. My goal was to use the prompts to inspire and challenge me to be creative, not to create stress. The goal is to have fun. I am using the prompts as a way to play and learn about myself and my surroundings. This is an important one for me. 
  5. In terms of organization, I decided to label my pics in the following manner: #/365 - DayMonthYear #Prompt #CY365. This captures the key meta data with each photo. I also created a CY365 folder on my PC, and have two subfolders: POTD and Extras. The Photo Of The Day is the one I post. I will only post one photo each day with the cy365 hastag. I might post additional photos, but they will not be tagged for this project.
A couple of weeks into the project, I've already had to constantly remind myself of plan item #4. There are already photos that I do not love, and think could be oh so much better. I need to remember that I will not be hanging these photos in a museum. These do not have to be my best of the best photos, they just have to be good enough for that day. Good enough and done. Bring on the next day.

So far, so good. I am having fun connecting with others playing along. Are you?

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