October 15, 2013

Recent Reads

107. Doodlebug
I came home with a large bag of books from my library sale, and this was one in the stack. Dodo is diagnosed with ADD, and has been expelled from school. And if that was not bad enough, her Dad has a new job and the family needs to move from Los Angeles to San Francisco. To keep her amused during the move, Dodo is given a sketchbook and a pen, and she finds a new passion - doodling and journaling. She chronicles the challenges of the move, a new school and making new friends. This graphic novel's pages are full of "handwritten" text and doodles, and will resonate with middle grade kids who find they do not fit in for whatever reason. Rating: 3 stars.

108. Salt Sugar Fat
Book blurb: From a Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative reporter at The New York Times comes the explosive story of the rise of the processed food industry and its link to the emerging obesity epidemic. Michael Moss reveals how companies use salt, sugar, and fat to addict us and, more important, how we can fight back.

I started reading about food several years ago, and have been startled by how little we know about the foods we eat, or how our bodies react to them. This gem of a book complements my understanding from a different angle - the processed food industry and the marketing of convenience foods. Illuminating, disturbing, and life changing. The audio is well narrated by Scott Brick, and I would recommend this book to anyone who eats. Rating: 5 stars.

109. Sabine's Notebook
This is the second book in the Griffin and Sabine trilogy, and I would highly recommend reading all three of these visual novels back to back. There are clues all over the place people, so don't rush through. My love affair with mail art continued as I poured over the postcards and letters. I think the less you know about the story the better it unfolds, so quit reading this review and just dive in. Rating: 4 stars.

110. The Golden Mean
This is the final book in the Griffin and Sabine trilogy, and I would highly recommend reading all three of these visual novels back to back. Love how this story unfolds. Am checking my mailbox now to see if I got a postcard from a stranger .... Rating: 4 stars.


Photocat said...

How funny Elizabeth. Last week, my friend Sandra gave me 3 books she found in a boot sale. So I have the first 3 parts of this series... Serendipity is the word. I love the books. You are right, they are so worth buying or reading. I love the letters included, and it appealed for the illustrations.

Photocat said...

Sorry, forgot to mention that I am talking about Sabine's notebook... I have the Notebook, the golden mean and Griffin and Sabine. Woohoo...

Elizabeth said...

How fun! These are such great reads.