September 15, 2016

Cinemascope: Underground (Season 1)

Cinemascope is a regular blog post where I will share with you movies and TV shows I think are worth watching.

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Released in 2016.

Plot line: Underground centers on a group of slaves planning a daring 600-mile escape from a Georgia plantation. Along the way, they are aided by a secret abolitionist couple running a station on the Underground Railroad as they attempt to evade the people charged with bringing them back, dead or alive. As an aside, it is really wonderful to see so many people of color on the screen.

This is an interesting show, and while it has its flaws it is an interesting and disturbing show that looks at various angles surrounding a significant part of US history. History is an accounting of what happened as told by the victors, and it is always a good thing to balance the telling of it from various points of view. Injustice and oppression affects every single person in the sphere of their influence, not just the victims, and I think this show explores some of that as well.

You can see the trailer here. If you have yet to see it, this is TV worth watching

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