July 12, 2010

Recent Reads

1. Small Island
This is quite a stunning read. Set in Jamaica and post-war Britain, the novel explores racism, family, war and the ties that bind us. The story is told in 4 voices - a style that I quite enjoy.

2. A Favorite of the Queen
I love the Tudor period, so was looking forward to this read. The first time I've read this author, and will not be going back. I actually stopped about 60 pages in - the writing seems juvenile and has no depth. Not worth the time.

3. Playing with Books
Interesting, but not quite what I was expecting. Sometimes I wonder how books like this get published.

4. Two Lives
My book club selection for the month, and while there are parts I quite enjoyed, I could not wait for the book to end. As fascinated I am by Gertrude Stein and Alice Toklas, this book does not make me want to go out and read their work - the author seems to have culled the best parts for a tasty nibble. I enjoyed this fictional account much more.

5. The Indigo Notebook
This YA book is an okay read. I particularly enjoyed the travel bits of the story.

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